Understanding Different Types of Readings

It can sometimes be difficult to understand all the different terms and styles associated with readings.  Often, these terms can overlap in meaning or are based on a reader's personal preference.  We will endeavor to make this clearer for you here so you can have the best possible experience when getting a reading.

Psychic: Almost all readers are psychic (unless they purely use cards or other tools and give only the exact meaning associated). Psychics can receive information in many different ways, through visions (either with the physical eyes or the minds eye), through hearing messages from spirit guides, intuitive knowing, empathic feeling, and other ways.  Psychics may also be mediums, but are not always. They may or may not use cards or other divination tools.  Generally, psychics can help with most personal issues (love, career, health) and give some insight into possible future events.  A psychic may also be able to see energetic issues or blockages in the energy field. Each one is different.

Mediumship: A Medium is a specific type of psychic who specializes in communicating with loved ones in spirit. A medium often gives evidential information and messages from friends and family members who have passed.  Mediums sometimes also connect with spirit guides, angels, ascended masters or other beings who wish to offer guidance.

Tarot: Tarot is a specific divination tool among many. The Tarot comes in many forms and has a history dating back to the mid-fifteenth century.  It is contains of 78 cards typically, which are comprised of four suits called the minor arcana as well as major arcana cards that represent major archetypal ideas.  The Tarot is widely popular as a divination tool because it is incredibly versatile and can be used to assist in answering almost any question.  Tarot readers often use the cards in conjunction with psychic information to give a rich view of the questioner's situation.

Angel: Angels, archangels, guides, and ascended masters are all available to help us on our life's journey.  Angel readers often connect to these energies psychicly or with Angel cards or tools to bring in powerful messages form these high-vibration beings.

Oracle: Oracle is a catch-all term for any divination tools or cards. Many people have created decks or tools that can be used to bring in messages for the questioner.  Tools can include anything from Goddess Decks to runes, to dowsing rods and much more.  Each reader finds tools that work for them and assist them in bringing forth healing and helpful messages.

Past Life: Many people in the spiritual community believe that we are capable of incarnating on the Earth more than once for the purpose of learning and growth.  Some readers are able to relate information about an individuals past lives for the purpose of understanding issues that are going on in one's current life.  There are various ways that readers may get this information, whether through psychic visions, spirit guides, or through trance work such as Akashic Records readings.

Akashic Records Readings: The Hall of the Akashic Records is a location in the Universe where all information is stored for each individual.  The records can be accessed by the reader through shamanic journeying, trance, hypnosis, or through the recitation of a specific prayer.  Akashic records work can be very helpful in understanding life purpose or lessons.  In can be used to help understand or resolve issues at a soul-level.

Spirit Art: Some Mediums are able to draw or paint pictures of deceased loved ones, guides or other being who make themselves known in a reading. This can be very powerful evidence of the continuity of life after death and also a precious keepsake of a loved one.   

Animal Communication: Communication with animals, living or in spirit---providing evidential details that your loved one is present and wishes to communicate telepathically or after crossing on. Domestic or wild animals can be read!  Relaying messages between you and your animals--- as to needs, behavioral issues, or fears. Linking with an animal’s higher self to perform a body scan, locate a lost pet, and the animal’s job or purpose in this lifetime.

 Please bring a photo and/or an item of theirs so as to reinforce the link! 

These are some of the types of readings offered at Women of Wisdom, but each reader has a unique approach and style.  To learn more about the individual readers at Women of Wisdom and what they offer, you can read their bios here.