Reading Party Request Form

If you have an event or party coming up for which you would like readings or holistic treatments, we may be able to help.  Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible and we will contact our readers and/or practitioners to see who might be available for your event. 


· Corporate Event:         Psychic/Tarot: $150 per hour per reader, max 4 readings/hour, min 2 hours.

· Private Party:               Psychic/Tarot Party: $120/hour/reader, max 4 readings/hour, min 2 hours.                                   

                                            Mediumship: $150/hour/reader, max 3 readings/hour, min 2 hours.                                   

                                            Holistic Practitioner: $100/hour, max 4 sessions/hour, min 2 hours,

                                            Options Include: Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

· Group Workshops:     Group Past Life Regression or Stress Management $150/hour, min 2 hours

· Gallery-style Group Mediumship: $200/hour (please note: not all participants are guaranteed a reading) min 2 hours

· Mini-parties:                 One hour minimum per reader/practitioner, please ask for details.