Terry Porter

"...My commitment is to help others, share my knowledge, and have that same belief in others who are on their journey of themselves."
Terry Porter
Find out more about Terry at angelcrossingcfhh.com

Kate Brooks

Kate Brooks is an empathic, intuitive Spirit medium and three-time Reiki Master/Teacher. Having found profound healing in mediumship and energy healing herself, Kate’s great passion is sharing that gift with others. In her mediumship readings, Kate will connect with your loved ones who have transitioned to the Spirit World and relay to you their messages of love, comfort, and guidance, demonstrating that there is no separation between these two worlds, and that our loved ones in Spirit are still very much with us, supporting us every step of the way. Oftentimes, Kate’s readings combine mediumship with tarot or oracle cards to provide the sitter with as much information as possible. Kate loves most to read those who are open to communicating with the Spirit World and those who are sensitive to the energies that permeate life.

Sarah Fallas

Sarah has been reading and studying the Tarot for 20+ years.  Sarah's interest in Tarot Card reading and spiritual development was nurtured and encouraged by her parents who practiced a form of spiritualism called Santeria.  Her parents believed that spirits and the Divine communicate with us and help us in many ways.  This communication can take many forms, including Tarot cards, psychic communiation, trance mediumship as well as other forms of communication and divination.  Sarah uses the Tarot and her psychic abilities to bring through help and encouragement.  Sarah has also participated in mediumship/psychic development classes at Women of Wisdom and psychic development classes at The First Spiritualist Church of Quincy.

Katelyn Rose

Katelyn Rose is an intuitive clairaudient channel specializing in psychic tarot and animal communication. She delights in discussing issues such as love, finance, career, and health.  Katelyn Rose sets the intention that whatever is highest and best to be known during their reading, be brought through clearly, so that they may help themselves and others. She loves specifics, so please bring any and all questions!   Using the Dali Tarot, Creature Teacher animal wisdom cards, Archangel Michael deck, Higher Intuition deck, etc. she tunes into the higher realms to provide clarity and guidance.  For Animal Communication, please bring a personal item or photo of the pet in question so as to reinforce the link!
Additionally, she is a certified Holy Fire II/ Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki MT, and Shamballa MT. 

Tom Foley

Tom Foley is a natural conduit of Mediumistic, Empathic, and Psychic energy.  It has been said that those who sit in his presence feel a certain calm and healing energy. His readings include this energy coupled with divine guidance. Using Psycometry and the Tarot we will make a connection and see what guidance is there for you.  Life is a mystery...messages come in many forms...come share a visit to the Piscean Mystical Fog and let me be your guide.  Tom is available for readings at Women of Wisdom during our Psychic Faires. Visit CiennaMoon.com.

Nancy Foley

Nancy is a talented psychic, Tarot Reader and Astrologer. She is often available for Astrological Charts and Astro-Tarot for our Psychic & Holistic Faires at Women of Wisdom. To find out more about Nancy see her website: www.CiennaMoon.com

Special Event Readers

Kimberly Tink

Kim is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Akashic Records Reader, Inka Shaman, Usui Reiki & Shamballa Master/Teacher.  Tarot was one of the first tools she used to connect with Spirit and she has been reading Tarot for over 18 years. She also offers Akashic Records readings.  Kim's goal in any reading is that it facilitate healing, offer new perspectives, and help people move forward in a positive direction. Kim sometimes incorporates her shamanic tools in her readings, which helps her identify issues or blockages with the lightbody or chakras. Please see the Reader's Calendar for dates and times. To find out more about Kim visit LightworksHolisticArts.com.

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith of Angelscapes is a practicing Psychic Medium in the New England area.  She is a member of the First Spiritualist Church of Quincy, Massachusetts. She is also a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.  She has studied under Reverend Rita Berkowitz, Brenda Lawrence and has attended workshops at the Arthur Findley College in England.  She is currently enrolled in the Morris Pratt Institute, studying to become a Certified Medium.  She carries a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and has a studio and office in North Andover, MA. Mediumship readings:  There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nancy works to prove the continuity of life after death through evidence described by the medium from a communicator in spirit. Nancy draws the impression she receives from spirit, capturing their likeness on paper. 

Joe Lynch

Joe became aware of Spirit after the passing of a close friend in college.  His life journey took him to Asia for a number of years.  Several years ago, he began exploring metaphysics and working with Spirit.  Joe works psychically through Tarot readings and is also a Medium.  His readings are often a mix of psychic and spirit messages.  Joe has studied both locally with Reverend Rita Berkavitz and Reverend Carole Lynne.  He has also studied at the Arthur Findlay College in Standstead, England.  Joe is a past President of the First Spiritualist Church of Quincy.  

Mary Lee

Mary Lee is a spirit medium and psychic. She studied under world-renowned Spirit Artist, Reverend Rita Berkowitz, and attended workshops at Arthur Findley College in Stansted, England.  Mary Lee brings healing messages from your loved ones and spirit guides with compassion. She may use Tarot and angel cards for additional guidance in a session. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. 

Dorian Hunt

Dorian Hunt has been reading tarot for 30 years.  In 1992 she was inspired to create a deck based on the life of Christ/Holy Spirit.  She authored and published Casting LOTS-an Oracle of the Holy Spirit which you can purchase at WOW.  You can also read more about LOTS at  www.castinglots.com.  In readings, Dorian combines Tarot and LOTS and other decks to give you clarity about where you are and where you are heading, which empowers you to take charge of your life.  Dorian can combine your reading with EFT to help you release whatever is blocking you. 

Our Regularly Scheduled Readers

Meet Our Readers

Women of Wisdom is a diverse family of compassionate individuals dedicated to supporting you on your spiritual and personal path.  Our readers offer a variety of styles, tools and techniques to assist you on your journey.  Below you can find out more about our readers and how they approach the art of divination. See our Psychic Readings page for scheduling and policy information.

Ed Langan

“My reading with Ed was not what I expected. It was exactly what I needed, and I feel so much better!”, is the comment we hear most often. Working with Ed is unique and powerful. Ed is a Psychic Channel for Ascended Masters. He is a Master Life Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Spiritual Teacher. Ed has helped hundreds of clients in all aspects of life, from relationships and allowing more money and abundance, to understanding your purpose and finding your life’s work. Ed can also show you how to use the law of attraction to manifest your goals and dreams. Ed has tools and techniques to help you transform your life.
Ed is the author of: Creating With The Law of Attraction: 10 Principles That Will Change Your Life.
His work is just that, to help people change their lives

Amy Carlson

Amy is an honest ethical reader who has done thousands of readings both online and off. She believes in the power of love. She feels that we are spiritual beings living in a psychical body. Using a Psychic is similar to getting a map of your life's path. While there many stops along the way, you can receive guidance on what bumps to avoid and what paths are most beneficial to your souls growth. Amy is a person that has walked in your shoes many times and has not learned the "lesson" on the first or second time. This has made her extremely empathic and able to relate to people in all situations. Amy is a very well known reader on the internet. She has had a wonderful career filled with many friends. She is a teacher of Mediumship, Psychic Detective work and also a well established reader locally.

Liam Galvin

Liam Galvin is a professional spirit medium. He relays messages of love, hope and healing, from your loved ones and spirit guides. Liam conducts readings, lectures and workshops at spiritual centers and churches throughout the country and in the UK. His office is located in beautiful downtown Canton. Liam is a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Shamballa Master, Gaiadon Heart Facilitator(formerly the Melchizedek Method), and an MEI (Mental Energy Integration) and an IET(Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner. Liam often reads at our Psychic & Holistic Faires. Learn more about Liam at www.Liamgalvin.com

Rachael Macomber

Rachael is a psychic medium healer who works with angels, spirit guides, and loved ones to bring forth messages and guidance. She also works with tarot and spirit together to address love, health, career, family and what is to come in the future. Her whole life she has seen and heard spirit and is now happy to be able to use her gifts to help and guide others.