Our Mission Statement

Women of Wisdom is a safe place to remember who you really are, to explore, connect, heal, learn, evolve and nurture yourself. Our loving intention is to assist you through all that we do, with our Schools of Wisdom programs, holistic treatments, inspiring workshops, intuitive readings, thought-filled merchandise and healing tools…. All designed to encourage your path of healing, to become your best self, connected to your true passion and fulfill your soul’s destiny. We inspire, enlighten and empower in a variety of ways…..all for the Highest and Best….as your soul’s wisdom guides your journey.


Women of Wisdom was born from my desire to learn and grow, to reconnect with who I am, strengthen my connection to the Divine and a need to reclaim all the parts of myself that I left behind or gave away to any number of people in my life. I had followed the path that my family roots and society had laid out to me, believing that it would bring me happiness…. and somewhere along the way, in the business of being a daughter, wife, full-time mom, corporate executive, PTA member, girl scout Leader, board member at church etc… I had lost myself….I was disconnected from myself, running on auto pilot.  Through my healing process I discovered that so many women (and men too) had followed this path and made the same realization ….. existing wasn’t enough, doing what was expected by others (and me) didn’t bring fulfillment.  So I set to the task of remembering who I was…what dreams I had once had, and given up on…. what did I want to be when I “grew up” ?  I wanted to make a difference in the world, offer (as I was so blessed to have offered to me) the opportunity and gift of healing to others…. Provide a safe sanctuary for those wanting to begin their path, explore themselves and expand their perceptions; gain the knowledge to build a fulfilling life. Then to truly dare to open the heart, let go of fear and heal the past, connect to the Divine and to love oneself and others, choosing to live with compassion. And finally, to integrate this knowledge and compassion into life’s everyday experiences bringing wisdom and peace.  To live the greatest adventure…. daring to make all their dreams come true.  And so in 1996, Women of Wisdom was born. The store provides a beautiful place to find the tools to facilitate the healing and reflects the beauty within us all. Our classes are broad ranging, from many perspectives on a large variety of topics, because learning is an ongoing part of change and growth. We have mediums and psychic readings to provide messages, insight, guidance and support. And of course, we have Holistic Healing Treatments to assist you in resolving any obstacles to living an amazing life.  People often ask why Her name is Women of Wisdom……to remind us of what we so often forget…. That wisdom is something that we have within and if and when we make the time to connect to our hearts desire / our truth, to our greater selves, to connect to our Divinity, Then anything----Everything Is Possible.  

Meet the Founder, Owner & Director


Katie Malloy Ramaci is a passionate advocate for healing. Katie believes that everything (in one way, shape or form) is about healing and empowering people and that all decisions are made from one of two places…either from love or from fear. Women of Wisdom is an expression of that belief.  For the last 25+ years  she has dedicated her life to offering healing through a variety of means to all those that  search for empowerment , growth, peace, joy, hope and most importantly---  more love in their life.  Love gives us the courage and strength when we think it’s too hard. It inspires us to reach out when we’ve lost hope or offer a hug to someone who is alone. Love enables us to be so much more empowered than we ever conceived ourselves to be. Love is the greatest motivator to all the goodness in this world and beyond! And when we have more love within, we have so much more to share. What we give out to the world comes back exponentially and we become invested in each others choices and happiness. The world becomes a better place.

Katie is the proud mother of two wonderful people, does the buying and manages the gift shop and holistic center along with an amazing staff.  She is also the Director of The Schools of Wisdom, offering unique intensive programs for a well rounded perspective and lifestyle. Katie has been studying metaphysics for over 35 years and the healing arts for 25+ years. She has a private practice where she assists people in healing their life, empowering their dreams and daring to be their best self. She teaches programs to provide the tools needed for you to heal every aspect of your life.    

*See list of Healing Therapies and Treatments 

Her credentials include:

Master Instructor for Hypnotherapy - International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Advanced Hypnotherapy - International Association of Counselors and Therapist (IACT)

Hypnowaving – National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Magnified Healing, Multidimensional  Master/Teacher --- Several Different Teachers

Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) Master / Teacher – Center for Being


Reverend / Minister

Additional Holistic Healing modalities include: Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Flower Essences, Soul Retrieval, Angel Therapies, Akisni, Parts
Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regression, Soul Advancement, etc.

Psychic Studies have included: Channeling Masters and Guides, Angel Messaging, Mediumship, Pendulum, Oracle Cards, etc.

Workshops, Classes & Services Offered by Katie Malloy Ramaci:

Schools of Wisdom - Intensives:

Hypnotherapy Certification

Angel Alignment

Angel Alignment 2

Holistic Practitioner Certification

Holistic Professional Certification

Advanced Holistic Professional Certification


Certification Programs:

Reiki I & II Certification, Reiki Master Certification, Reiki Masters/Teacher Certification

Holy Fire Reiki III Certification 

Integrated Energy Healing (Levels 1-3)

Karuna Reiki

Gaiadon Heart (Levels 1-5)

Multi-Dimensional Healing (Levels 1-4)

Reiki For Kids


Classes and Workshops:

Guided Meditation

Akashic Records

Building a Holistic Practice

Crystal Healing I, Crystal Healing II , Crystals and Stones (Beginners)

Usui/Karuna/Multi-Dimensional/​Holy Fire Reiki III (all levels)

Past Life Regression 

Future Life Progression

Healing Fears and Phobias

Healing Angels of the Energy Field

Healing the Inner Child

Chakra Healing 


Sound Healing


Reiki Masters Refresher Course

Mastery Techniques for Reiki Masters

Sacred Contracts

Stress – Less

Meet Your Angels and Guides

Vibrational Healing with Flower Essences

Why Weight

Smoking Cessation

Ocean of Love

​Manifesting with the Angels

And other classes as guided by Spirit


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