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Creating With the Law of Attraction:

10 Principles that will Change Your Life

By Edward J. Langan

Paperback book, $18.95 + s/h each

Meditations for Improved Well Being

Audio CD

By Edward J. Langan

$16 + s/h each

Book and CD by Ed Langan


Ed Langan is the author of Creating with the Law of Attraction: Ten Principles that will Change Your Life, and the CD Meditations for Improved Well-Being.  Ed teaches various workshops covering the principles in his book at Women of Wisdom and several other venues. We are pleased to offer his work, which has helped so many people learn how to improve their self-esteem and create positive change in their lives. Learn more at

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White Crystal Singing Bowls

These beautiful singing bowls are made of frosted quartz crystal.  Each bowl is attuned to a specific chakra and comes with a suede striker and a ring to rest it on.  Singing bowls create a rich full tone that fills a space with theraputic vibration.  Crystal bowls can be used to assist in meditation, for space clearing, and for sound healing. Bowl sizes vary greatly based on what chakra the bowl is attuned to, but each bowl is $319.95 plus $20 s&h, your choice.

Women of Wisdom Essential Mists


Our line of Essential Mists are special blends of distilled water and pure essential oils, infused with Reiki Energy.  We have five varieties: Sage, Lavender, Cedar, Palo Santo, and Florida Mist. They each have a fantastic scent and can be used to enhance meditation, as aromatherapy, for space clearing, or blessing. Your choice, just $9.95 + s/h for each 2 oz bottle.

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Women of Wisdom Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates can be used for merchandise, readings, classes, and holistic treatments at Women of Wisdom.  Once you have placed your order, you will receive your gift certificate by mail. Gift Certificates must be redeemed in person at our store in Easton.

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